MoWally Promotions

MoWally allows businesses to manage product and event promotions in real time. See who is participating in your promotional campaigns and provide giveaways and manage raffles and easily select winners with a click of a button.

MoWally offers various promotion types that fit any activity at your business.

Check-In Promotion

With MoWally Check-In, customers can check into an event or product campaign by scanning a unique QR code at your business or event. Each scan will display the customer’s full profile information on your dashboard in real time providing you with an overview of who is participating in your promotion. Create giveaways and various raffles instantly rewarding participants and interact with your customers like never before.

Easter Egg Hunt Promotion

MoWally Easter Egg Hunt allows a business to gamify a promotion by using QR Codes in multiple locations or multiple mediums. With QR codes located at various places or on various websites, customers can complete a promotion by scanning each QR code until all are done to complete that promotion. This allows businesses to create an event around a promotion and gage customer participation and willingness to be apart of a campaign.

Scan to Win Promotion

With a Scan to Win promotion, customers can scan a QR Code multiple times after purchasing a product or completing a task for a chance to win a prize. The customer(s) with the most scans or highest number of scans, wins. This is a great way of promoting a product launch or any product base event by giving customers multiple chances to participate.


Television/Online Promotions

Promote your products or events on television or on any social media website. With just a QR Code, you can get users engage with your promotion from the start and collect a wealth of information in the process. Make your television and online marketing more engaging with MoWally.