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Facebook Dashboard

MoWally Dashboard

Online marketing and promotion platforms such as Facebook and Google, provide you with a wealth of information about user engagement online. Who Viewed, Who Clicked, Marketing reach, etc. MoWally stands apart from the bunch because we show you the most important metric, Who Bought. Our dashboard shows you who actually came to your business, how much they’ve spent, where they live,  how often they came and who they are. Knowing your customer spending habits, location, age gives you an in depth understanding on the type of customers you have and how you could provide the best products and services for them. And that should be your bottom line.

Once your customers are signed up to your loyalty program with a quick scan, you’ll be able to send them targeted messages and promotions and increase sales in those quiet times. Send them direct campaigns to their mobile phones or by email and keep them aware of what is happening with your business.

Your dashboard can be accessed through any device, mobile, tablet or desktop computer giving your business flexible access to MoWally and to your customers