MoWally Loyalty


MoWally is a loyalty and promotions tool for your business to increase sales and customer engagement through mobile phones. Mowally brings your business closer to customers with in depth analytical data and creative tools that gives your business direct access to customers. We cut cost needed for loyalty cards and registration forms providing your business with a cost effective way of providing a customer loyalty program.

Easy Customer Transactions

Scan a unique customer QR Code or enter their mobile number to process their transaction. MoWally provides your business with a secure and seamless way to process each and every customer easily.

Forget about keeping track of paper cards and provide the best service to your customers that’s convenient for them.

Process and Saved in the Cloud

Process customer transaction from multiple locations and keep all transactions synced in the cloud. MoWally is a web base system that keeps all your customer data in one central place.

Keep track of your customers transactions no matter which location they shop at.

Loyalty Dashboard

Your business dashboard allows you to see your customers in a whole new way.  View individual customer records such as points, daily transaction and history. Monitor your loyalty and promotions at a glance and determine what works best for your customers. The MoWally dashboard allows you to understand what is going on with your loyalty program and promotions in real time.