About Us

Value-seeking customers want to be rewarded for their loyalty to a business. But they don’t want to clutter their wallets with paper punch-cards or carry dozens of plastic rewards cards on their keychains. It’s time to step up to digital loyalty reward programs that work with today's ubiquitous mobile devices. MoWally is a new mobile application which allows businesses to provide loyalty programs to their customers. MoWally fits seamlessly in customers routine and transforms loyalty programs for businesses all through the Region. MoWally allows consumers to participate in many different loyalty programs using one mobile application. It is your mobile wallet.

MoWally is created by Glace Web which aim to connect businesses around the region with customers with a platform that offers not only loyalty rewards, but also a promotional tool that offers digital targeted marketing. Glaceweb is excited to introduce this technology to the region, which has become the norm in the most technologically advanced Countries such as China and the USA. Customers just download the free app and get access to all participating MoWally locations.

MoWally offers consumers an easy and modern way to participate and gain loyalty rewards from all their favourite businesses. MoWally’s technology allows businesses to use it as a tool to complement their marketing campaign online and offline with just a scan of a QR Code . Consumers benefit by being able to interact with their favourite businesses via any medium. MoWally allows businesses to engage consumers and drive customer loyalty. The days of using cards are long gone. It's all your loyalty programs in one place. Promotions done easier and with more versatility. Data collection done in a more modernized way. Customer engagement amplified. With one app. One QR code. Welcome to the future. MoWally - loyalty made simple.