MoWally is a loyalty and events app that brings you rewards at the places you shop and prizes at the events you attend..

MoWally for Business

With the MoWally Business app, your loyalty program can be on the go and anywhere. Setup your custom rewards list, check-in customers and view daily reports.

MoWally is a platform that allows any business to create their own loyalty program and manage product or event promotions in a whole new way. Customers can check-in and redeem rewards using their mobile QR Code or number, making transactions easy and seamless. Participate in product promotions by scanning a promotion code after purchase, or check-in to an event and instantly be in the running for a free giveaway.


MoWally Business Dashboard

Get to know your customers and how your loyalty program is doing in greate detail.


Loyalty Dashboard

Manage your loyalty program and monitor customer acquisition in real time. See your customer transaction as they happen and adjust your offerings to maximize customer satisfaction. MoWally loyalty dashboard give your a complete overview of your customers, where they come from and what they like.

Promotion Dashboard

Promotion dashboard allow you to monitor any event or product promotion at your business in real time. Know who is coming to your events, create giveaways and reward attendees, or boost your product promotions by rewarding customers for participating. Loyalty dashboard helps your manage any promotion by making it fun.

MoWally is for everyone

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  • Promotions manager
  • Email compaigns
  • In-app feed post
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